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Curriculum Vitae

Felice Lieh-Mak

Institution and Location Degree Year Conferred Field of Study
University of Santo-Thomas MD (cum laude) 1964 Medicine
Licentiate of Apothecaries LAH 1967 Medicine
Hall, Dublin

Previous Appointments
1966-1967 Senior House Officer (Psychiatry), Littlemore Hospital, Oxford, UK
1968-1969 Medical Officer in Psychiatry, Castle Peak Hospital, Hong Kong
1970-1970 Senior House Officer, Littlemore Hospital, Oxford, U.K.
1971-1978 Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry, University of Hong Kong
1974-1974 Honorary Registrar, Park Hospital for Children, Oxford, U.K.
1974-1974 Honorary Registrar, Warneford Hospital, Oxford, U.K.
1978-1981 Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry, University of Hong Kong
1981-1983 Reader, Department of Psychiatry, University of Hong Kong
1990-1994 President, Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists
1992-1997 Member, Executive Council, (the Governor's Cabinet), Hong Kong Government
1993-1998 Chairman, Kowloon Regional Advisory Committee of the Hospital Authority
1993-1996 President, World Psychiatric Association
1994-1996 Chief Examiner, Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists
1994-1997 Chairman, Kwai Chung Hospital Governing Committee
1996-1999 Chairman, Education Foundation, World Psychiatric Association
Present Appointment
1979 -present Consultant, University Health Service, University of Hong Kong
1980 -present Consultant (Psychiatry), Hong Kong Government
1983 -present Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry, The University of Hong Kong
1983 -present Honorary Advisor, Hong Kong Mental Health Association
1986 -present Referee, International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine
1987 -present Member, Editorial Board - Journal of the Hong Kong Medical Association
1987 -present Advisor, Yanbian Social Mental Hospital, P.R.C.
1991 -present Member, International Advisory Board, Comprehensive Psychiatry
1991 -present Member, Editorial Board, Integrative Psychiatry
1991 -present Member, International Editorial Board, Journal of Stress and Depression
1991 -present Member, Academia, Medicine & Psychiatric Foundation
1993 -present Chairman, Advisory Committee on Teachers Education and Qualifications
1993 -present Member, Education Commission
1994 -present Corresponding Editor, British Journal of Psychiatry
1994 -present Consultant, World Health Organization (WHO)
1994 -present Member, Editorial Board of H.K. Medical Association
1996 -present Member, Editorial Board, Current Opinion in Psychiatry
1997-1999 -Chairman, Hong Kong Medical Council
1997 -present Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics
1997 -present Chairman, Task Force on Language Benchmarking for School Teachers
1997 -present Member, Law Reform Commission
1998 -present Chairman, Task Force on Review of Psychiatric Services
1998 -present Member, Steering Committee on Healthcare Financing of the Hong Kong Government
1998-2001 President, Asian Union Against Depression and Related Disorders
1999-2001 Advisor, Against Child Abuse
1999-2001 Advisory Board member, Centre for Criminaology
1999 -present Chairman of Queen Mary Hospital Planning Committee
1999 -present Member, Working Group on Quality Assurance, The Medical Council of Hong Kong
1999 -present Member, Global Forum for Health Research of the WHO/World Bank Mental Health Reform Initiative
Honours and Honorary Fellowship
Aug 1981 Fellow of the World Association for Social Psychiatry
Oct 1983 Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
Dec 1985 Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK)
Jul 1989 Justice of the Peace
Aug 1989 Outstanding Woman Physician (Philippines)
Apr 1990 Corresponding Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association
Mar 1991 Corresponding Fellow of the German Association for Psychiatry & Neurology
Oct 1991 Honorary Member of the Italian Society of Psychiatry
Jan 1992 Honorary Member of the Egyptian Psychiatric Association
Jun 1991 Most Excellent Order of British Empire
Jun 1994 Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK
May 1995 Asian / Asian American Award of The American Psychiatric Association
Oct 1995 Fellow of the New York Academy of Science
Aug 1996 Honorary Fellow of the World Psychiatry Association
Feb 1997 Lisl and Leo Etinger Prize
Jun 1997 Commander of the most Excellent Order of the British Empire

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